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Ah! The Infamous Friends Only Post.

That's right folks. CJ is going "Friends Only" for personal reasons.

If you wish to become a friend of me (I dunno why you would, but whatev), leave a comment on this entry. State where I would know you from. Maybe I'll add you to my friends list and maybe I won't.

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Yay! Pretty J-rockers!
Yo. Jenn.

Make me your friend.

Totchi-kun wants to be a friend too!
You don't know me, but I felt the need to drop a comment. Dude, you're on KS's friend list, you must be cool. lol
yay for me for I am Amy and it is 2:45 AM... So I may be your friend?
Of course!
It's me!! I finally migrated to LJ.
Add me... or die.
hi darlin'!
i hope you're having a good vacation..
add meee
Why? Cuz you gave me a cookie at Portcon when I was cosplaying as Kid Kakashi, and when nobody else would! Remember?

I hope it doesn't seem creepy that I suddenly found your Livejournal out of the blue. I noticed you in a collage that the Cat Dancer made(My friend showed me the collage. But he thought it'd be too awkard to say hello to you.)

Anyway, again, I hope you don't find this creepy, and I hope you'll be my friend!

(Oh, and I really liked your costume!)
Naruto Forever-dattebayo!

Hello! I was at Portcon! I found your LJ though a series of coincidences! I remember your cosplay, it made me lol. ^_^ Yeah, not creepy at all, right?

Anyway, your taste in J-Rock = all. Gackt is so...mmmm. Wanna' be friends?
Well I stand corrected! He wasn't too afraid to post!
... ... *sniffle*

I'm nosy and I never get to talk to you anymore. ^-^;
::wave:: This is Kristin from Facebook. Want to by lj friends?
hey it's Barry from Anime Club..
XD I didn't realize you were that cosplayer too!
Well, I would like to add you ^^ so, in that way I'll can share that BLOOD PV with you, of course if you don't mind to wait just a little ;___; until I have computer again x_X
Anyway! nice to meet you! ^^
Hey someone replied to my post on mabets journal and it has all the musical note items she is selling for way less. Just thought you would want to know, since this post by (princess_2chan)was deleted.

Here darling, enjoy your Umbrella for less than half of the price from an actual store.

Or if you're interested in those music print tote bags, feel free to purchase them at

http://www.albertsgifts.com/retail/item.asp/dept%5Fid/14804/pf%5Fid/MUS%2DBAG%2D2351/rootID/14000 For again, less than half of the price.

Perhaps you'd like the socks? Here is the site to a store than carries all of those socks, plus a lot more for the price it's actually worth:

Ties for the accurate price, anyone?

Those are pretty pins, arent they?
I didn't see all of them listed but I can guarantee you there is a site out there that doesn't multiply their price by 3.

Would you like those earrings too?


Google helped me only take 10 minutes to find these. Google is your friend, embrace him for his hard work :]
CJ, your layout is awesome. *glomps t3h nana*

This is Chancey, btw. Add meh! XD
*add* Add me back? ^_^

We got our pic taken at otakon together! :3

Yay for NANA! :D
jennnnnn. add me :D we should hang out more, since we're mutual weekendanime-goers AND we went to school together AND we were in chamber singers together so you know, we go WAY BACK.

Um hey~
I'm a buyer from Garagesale Japan, you mentioned having a One Piece purse but never got back to me on it. Still willing to send photos?
Yes, sorry, I've been so busy moving and packing for school. I'll have it posted for you by tonight - so sorry for the wait!
We met at the Deg show last night - i was the one with the VULGAR Die hair. :3 Wanna be LJ friends?
YESH. We met in the pit correct?


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

Hello! I'm a friend of tellurianangel and I had a question for you *silly as this may sound* about how the Middle East Club is as a venue?

I honestly have no idea. XD I've never been. ^^;


10 years ago


10 years ago

hey ^_^

you were at dir en grey's boston show too? cool! will you be in worcester when they open for the deftones ? ^^

would you like to be my friend too? ^//^
Hiyyoo! I hope you don't mind that I add you..??
But any Japan/Potter/Depp/Parkiss-freak is immediately a friend of mine :P haha <3

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But of course!!
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