Wednesday, 21 April / 2:00 pm

I am on a bento kick.

Seriously, I mean, so many cute things and it'll be perfect for eating quickly before rehearsal. I decided to make this post so I can show my mom EXACTLY what I want for all my bento desires. The things I want the most I'll post pictures for, not so much? Just a link. :)

Because I'm nice, I'll put it behind a cut...Collapse )

That's everything that I'm looking for really.

You know with my birthday coming up and all. ;)

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My music!
Sunday, 30 October / 6:15 pm
mood   horny

I'm posting my music!

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Ah! The Infamous Friends Only Post.
Thursday, 12 August / 2:19 pm
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That's right folks. CJ is going "Friends Only" for personal reasons.

If you wish to become a friend of me (I dunno why you would, but whatev), leave a comment on this entry. State where I would know you from. Maybe I'll add you to my friends list and maybe I won't.

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