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I am on a bento kick.

Seriously, I mean, so many cute things and it'll be perfect for eating quickly before rehearsal. I decided to make this post so I can show my mom EXACTLY what I want for all my bento desires. The things I want the most I'll post pictures for, not so much? Just a link. :)

From Japan with Love has some adorable stuff.

Pink and White Strawberry Chopsticks - They'd match my Alice bento perfectly. Only downside? They're plastic.

Strawberry Bento Box with Spoon (as shown below) - Perfect for soups!

Pink and White Heart Patterned Soup Bento - Not as cute as the strawberry, but just as useful!

Pink Cherry Blossom and Rabbit Two Layer Bento - Looks like a really good size!

Pink and White Rabbit Wooden Chopsticks (as shown below) - They're cute and wooden! Hurray!

Bento&Co has some really cool fashion forward bento cases. Not much in the cute department, but funky and stylish nonetheless.

Panda Picks - To put in my food. Actually, I think Tuan would steal them. Nevermind.

Panda Cups - Just as adorable. :)

Casabento again had a lot more fashion forward bento stuff.

Panda Sandwich Cutter (as shown below) - This thing is AWESOME. Stuffs my sandwiches and makes cute panda shapes? Yes please!

Bento Buzz Sando de Panda Sandwich Cutter Double Set - Click Image to Close

Cinnamoroll Bento Box - Its adorable. Nuff said.

Flowered Bento Box - This one was just really pretty.

Happy Japan was at AB this year. And they can be blamed for my addiction.

Bento Cookbook - I wanted to get this at AB, but she was sold out when I made it to her table.

Strawberry Sauce Bottles (as shown below) - Yes. That is all.

Strawberry Soy Sauce Bottles - Click Image to Close

Crab Weiner Cutter - To go with my penguin one!

Hello Kitty Vegetable Cutter - To go with Stitch!

Octopus Weiner Cutter - 8D

Modes4U didn't have much except for my Alice chopsticks.

Alice in Wonderland Chopsticks (as shown below) - They match my bento. Just saying.

Alice in Wonderland Bento Chopsticks pink kawaii cute 3

JBox has a TON of bento stuff.

Sakura Onigiri Cases (as shown below) - I'm trying to eat healthier and I've been looking at bento recipes and have found some yummy ones. These would help keep my onigiri for sure!

Sushi Mat - I can probably get one in Chinatown, but I would like a sushi mat. :)

Silicon Heart Shaped Bento Cups - They're cute! 

Onigiri Shapers - Heart shaped onigiri!? Yes please!

Pikachu Onigiri Shaper (as shown below) - You see this? That's a effing Pikachu! I wonder if it does boiled eggs too...

Gyoza/Dumpling Maker - Again, I can probably get this in Chinatown, but its something I'd like. :)

Stich Boiled Egg Shaper - 8D

Hello Kitty Ningyo Yaki Maker (as shown below) - Again, venturing into trying new things!

Hello Kitty Bento Kit - Includes a ton of fun stuff including a egg shaper and onigiri shaper.

Hello Kitty and Friends Onigiri Kit - Comes with 3 different onigiri shapers!


That's everything that I'm looking for really.

You know with my birthday coming up and all. ;)
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