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I am on a bento kick.

Seriously, I mean, so many cute things and it'll be perfect for eating quickly before rehearsal. I decided to make this post so I can show my mom EXACTLY what I want for all my bento desires. The things I want the most I'll post pictures for, not so much? Just a link. :)

From Japan with Love has some adorable stuff.

Pink and White Strawberry Chopsticks - They'd match my Alice bento perfectly. Only downside? They're plastic.

Strawberry Bento Box with Spoon (as shown below) - Perfect for soups!

Pink and White Heart Patterned Soup Bento - Not as cute as the strawberry, but just as useful!

Pink Cherry Blossom and Rabbit Two Layer Bento - Looks like a really good size!

Pink and White Rabbit Wooden Chopsticks (as shown below) - They're cute and wooden! Hurray!

Bento&Co has some really cool fashion forward bento cases. Not much in the cute department, but funky and stylish nonetheless.

Panda Picks - To put in my food. Actually, I think Tuan would steal them. Nevermind.

Panda Cups - Just as adorable. :)

Casabento again had a lot more fashion forward bento stuff.

Panda Sandwich Cutter (as shown below) - This thing is AWESOME. Stuffs my sandwiches and makes cute panda shapes? Yes please!

Bento Buzz Sando de Panda Sandwich Cutter Double Set - Click Image to Close

Cinnamoroll Bento Box - Its adorable. Nuff said.

Flowered Bento Box - This one was just really pretty.

Happy Japan was at AB this year. And they can be blamed for my addiction.

Bento Cookbook - I wanted to get this at AB, but she was sold out when I made it to her table.

Strawberry Sauce Bottles (as shown below) - Yes. That is all.

Strawberry Soy Sauce Bottles - Click Image to Close

Crab Weiner Cutter - To go with my penguin one!

Hello Kitty Vegetable Cutter - To go with Stitch!

Octopus Weiner Cutter - 8D

Modes4U didn't have much except for my Alice chopsticks.

Alice in Wonderland Chopsticks (as shown below) - They match my bento. Just saying.

Alice in Wonderland Bento Chopsticks pink kawaii cute 3

JBox has a TON of bento stuff.

Sakura Onigiri Cases (as shown below) - I'm trying to eat healthier and I've been looking at bento recipes and have found some yummy ones. These would help keep my onigiri for sure!

Sushi Mat - I can probably get one in Chinatown, but I would like a sushi mat. :)

Silicon Heart Shaped Bento Cups - They're cute! 

Onigiri Shapers - Heart shaped onigiri!? Yes please!

Pikachu Onigiri Shaper (as shown below) - You see this? That's a effing Pikachu! I wonder if it does boiled eggs too...

Gyoza/Dumpling Maker - Again, I can probably get this in Chinatown, but its something I'd like. :)

Stich Boiled Egg Shaper - 8D

Hello Kitty Ningyo Yaki Maker (as shown below) - Again, venturing into trying new things!

Hello Kitty Bento Kit - Includes a ton of fun stuff including a egg shaper and onigiri shaper.

Hello Kitty and Friends Onigiri Kit - Comes with 3 different onigiri shapers!


That's everything that I'm looking for really.

You know with my birthday coming up and all. ;)
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Lunch is just THAT MUCH better in a cute box.
omgzzz i've been stalking bento communities/websites for years & i have yet to get my own & start making them. but i need to do it soon, they look so awesome!
If you make me a list, I could mail you some stuff/bring it home with me? I don't know if that would actually be cheaper than ordering it online, though. ^^;
w ,xvnlaskjlkj;l

But that could pontentially get me the stuff quicker! LOL

Seriously, any cute bento making supplies would be welcomed. I'm sure there's TONS of stuff out there that isn't available online. Vegetable cutters, egg shapers, onigiri shapers, anything like that is totally on my list (this is really a condensed list...)
Well, I'll try to keep an eye out, and then send along any stuff I see. Granted, I may not recognize it when I see it, but... ;)

What I'd really love is a bigger two layered bento box. Something like this for lunches. The two bentos I have are great for breakfast and dinner since they're smaller, but I'm lacking something of a good size for lunch. :)

JustBento has a listing of where to find bento stuff in Japan. :) I guess you can find a lot of bento stuff at 100-yen shops! <3

And yeah, you really can. See: my lube-sheep chopsticks case. Granted, it's pretty much certainly made in a sweat-shop using child-labor in China somewhere, but hey! It's only 100¥. ^^;;; Are you interested in any chopstick cases or anything? I feel like you are. *isn't looking at the big list*
Totally! I have some wooden chopsticks but no cases for them. I always feel so clumsy and I've already lost one chopstick because I didn't have a case for them. So a chopstick case would be AWESOME. <3